B-movie - polar opposites

 · Basically, a World of Ham is an entire universe populated by Large Hams and the Hot-Blooded, where everything that happens is extremely dramatic, and every …

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Martin Scorsese spoke about Sydney Lumet ‘s death thusly; “Lumet was a New York filmmaker at heart, and our vision of the city has been enhanced and deepened by classics like ‘ Serpico ,’ ‘Dog Day Afternoon ‘ and above all the remarkable ‘ Prince of the City .'” Straight from the horse’s mouth. You may find most people reacting to those three films with “aha,” “yep,” and “huh?” in that order, but make no mistake, ‘Prince’ is an epic near-three hour under-the-radar police procedural that meticulously morphs into one the greatest visions of what it’s like to be a New York City cop. Released in the most violent year in NYC history, no less. Treat Williams gives the performance of his career as the nerve-shot detective Danny Ciello, who agrees to co-operate with FBI in bringing down corruption in the police force. A searing portrait of the air-tight bond forged between Brothers in Blue and the toll it takes on a cop when his conscience eats away at him, “The Prince of the City” also works like gangbusters because of that gritty New York reality Lumet knew how to expose so well. “Those federal clowns didn’t understand what was going on, they’re from fucking out of town!” shouts Ciello at one point. Spoken like a true New Yorker.

B-Movie - Polar OppositesB-Movie - Polar OppositesB-Movie - Polar Opposites